Smart Cities

#IoTwill make roads safer when inclement weather hits. #SmartCities

Soon, #IoTwill help light our cities and save energy by using connected sensors. When a car begins to approach a connected lamp post, they will turn on, automatically. Otherwise, they will remain off saving cities electricity and money. The power of connectivity.

Connected Car

Imagine this…a world where everything in your city talks to each other. #IoTwill

Nearly 7M #ConnectedCars on the road today, made possible by these important relationships

Planning to buy a car in future? #IoTwill make #ConnectedCar a reality for more wheels hitting the road.

In the future, #IoTwill allow #ConnectedCar to communicate with each other and things around them.

Health and Wearables

Soon, your smartwatch will alert you if grandma didn’t take her medicine. #IoTwill mean simpler ways to take care of your loved ones.

In the future, inanimate objects will start to take care of us and devices will solve real health issues. #IoTwill 

Digital Life and Connect Home

Remember when your car told your house to turn on the lights when you pulled in the driveway? #IoTwill make it possible. 

Imagine using your voice to control commands around a #ConnectedHome. #IoTwill change the channel to adjust the temperature.

#IoTwill continue to help us live smarter & more efficiently. Imagine the the future connected