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Tastemade founders Joe Perez, Steven Kydd, and Larry Fitzgibbon created their business with the goal of connecting the world through food. Now, with 25 employees, the business uses technology to power a global network and provide “creative leverage” to content creators. So we decided to throw a few questions their way to get some insight into how an app could help their small business. 

How much do your customers use their smartphones?

Simple observation will probably answer this question, but a poll can help you be sure. To find out if your customers use mobile devices and what type of devices they use, consider polling them in an email, asking them when you’re speaking with them, or placing a brief questionnaire at checkout.

Could an app help your customers?

Look for routine, repeated activities that your customers engage in when they interact with your business. Ask whether an online tool could make any of these activities simpler or more enjoyable. For example, a nursing home could make it easier for children to check on their senior parents, possibly with a webcam; or an office supply store could make repeat buying simple and also send reminders based on a customer’s purchasing history. Remember, the easier you make your customer’s life, the more loyal that customer may become.

Would an app fit into your overall marketing?

Is mobile marketing already part of your company’s promotional mix? Do you send mobile messages or have you created a mobile Internet site? Have you used mobile barcodes, also known as QR codes, which make it easier for customers and prospects to learn about your business or to take advantage of offers? If you already engage in mobile marketing, your customers will likely see a mobile app as a natural extension of your business. If not, you can still create a mobile app as the starting point of your mobile efforts.

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