From 2009 to Drive 4 Pledges Day, we've hit major milestones in reducing the amount of texting and driving. From polls, to pledges, to films, we are serious about showing the world that It Can Wait. This movement is accomplished through the voices and actions of many. That’s why four national wireless service providers spearheading the It Can Wait campaign are urging people to share their commitment to never text and drive with others today, Drive 4 Pledges Day.

You can sign up at to get resources that will help share your commitment on social media (using #ItCanWait) and personalize the movement on the streets of your community.

View our animated timeline mapping out our major milestones.

The It Can Wait movement is making a difference. Read more about Drive 4 Pledges Day in our announcement news release and learn why texting while driving should wait in Cathy Coughlin’s consumer blog post. To take the pledge and get more information, visit

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