At AT&T, we’re all fans. We have favorite sports, favorite teams, favorite players, favorite venues and so on. We get it. We understand the euphoria that comes when your team nails that last-second shot and the absolute heartache of being on the opposing bench.

Passion and pride are the lifeblood of fandom. And in Corporate Sponsorships, it’s our team’s job to understand all of those things you’re passionate about and help connect you with them – whether in person or on your TV, computer or wireless device. We absolutely LOVE our jobs, and we’re proud of all that we’ve accomplished.

On Wednesday, the 2014 Sports Business Awards organizers will announce the “Sports Sponsor of the Year,” and AT&T is honored to be nominated as a finalist. We’d love to win, but it’s certainly gratifying to be on the short list for one of the most prestigious awards in our business.

The old adage says, “You’ll be judged by the company you keep.” If these awards are any indication of that, we keep great company at AT&T. In looking at the finalists across the various categories, we recognized many names – partners we collaborate with regularly. In fact, AT&T has ongoing sponsorship, vendor or client relationships with 13 other finalists in seven categories (not including our media arrangements with broadcasters and networks). We’re thrilled for them all!

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