It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Heading out of town now can be stressful, to say the least. From coordinating hectic schedules to making sure you have your matching sweaters packed in your suitcase, it’s easy to forget the steps you need to take to keep your home safe while away.

According to the FBI, nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the U.S. from November to December each year. Burglaries are a main concern during the holidays, so before you buckle up and drive to the airport with some homemade fruit cake, remember these safety tips:

Have an extra set of “eyes” on your home.



The bad guys will never know you’re watching them. Install an outdoor (left) and indoor (right) camera to help you keep track of what’s going on in and around your home.

For that extra level of security, outdoor cameras are especially great this time of year as they can help monitor packages left on your doorstep.

Although cameras are great for peace of mind, it doesn’t hurt to let a trusting neighbor know your travel plans. If an issue comes up, it’s nice to know you have someone who could walk over and scan the premises.   

Set up a few booby traps.



Installing motion sensors (left) and glass break sensors (right) throughout your home is a good way to improve the level of security in your humble abode. When a sensor is triggered by a broken window or an intruder, the alarm is set off and the police will be alerted right away.  

Don’t give any reasons to break-in.

Before leaving, it’s important to check each room of your home. Are the blinds closed? Do you have expensive items such as your TV, tablet or laptop out of sight? Scan each room to make sure everything is put away. Remember, this includes gifts tucked away under the Christmas tree.

Don’t forget social media.

While we’d love to hear about the great places you are going for the holidays, remember some people who follow your social chatter could use that against you. It’s best to remain silent on social media about your travel plans until you’ve returned and can upload all of your pictures to your new photo album. 

Let them think you’re home.

Confuse the bad guys by using a few lamps plugged into Digital Life smartplugs programmed to turn on at different times each day. If a burglar sees signs of life, they will likely be less interested in breaking into your home or apartment.  Whether you have your lamps on programmed Digital Life smartplugs timer or simply remember to turn one on before you leave, be sure to pick lamps near windows so the light can be seen from outside.

Be in control – even while you’re away.



With AT&T Digital Life, you can set up your own custom dashboard as seen in the image above. Here you can remotely check on your home using your tablet, smartphone or PC.

On your way to the airport and forget to lock-up? With our Digital Life app, you can lock or unlock your doors straight from your dashboard.

For additional ways on how to keep your home safe this holiday season, check out the AT&T Digital Life media kit.

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