Between perfect ‘grams and snaps, it’s easy to forget the power we hold in the palm of our hands.

AT&T takes the infinite magic of connectivity seriously. While a tap or swipe can instantly deliver a “like” from your crush or BFF, it can also serve up unexpected hate. AT&T cares about how our technology and network is transforming the world, relationships, and lives of young people. Unfortunately, online bullying and hate is part of that world. The issue of cyberbullying and online hate is now bigger than we imagine. It’s more prevalent, more frequent, more subtle. It follows teens around in their pocket, in their hand, at all moments as part of an ever increasing mobile lifestyle.

We’re reframing the conversation of “hating” through self-awareness and positive reinforcement. We’re redefining the connectivity movement by making a collective statement that living a mobile life should be positive and used to create good in the world. By using social media, social influencers and advertising, our Later Haters campaign is raising awareness and working to inspire young people to reflect on their power to spread love and positive messages online.

Let’s come together to make a change. Let’s start a conversation that becomes a movement. The more of us there are, the louder our love can be. Let’s drown out the haters with hearts. #LaterHaters

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