By Angie Chun, Guest Blogger

I love all things about coffee- studying coffee, tasting new blends, and discovering new cafes. It’s also a big part of our family. My siblings and I love coffee so much that we started our own café!  Running the shop with my brother and sister is great. We were close before opening the business, but working together has brought us even closer.

When I started, I just prepared coffee the way my brother and sister taught me. Then, my brother William started creating latte art. My sister and I soon followed in his footsteps, and practiced while watching other barista videos. We also critiqued each other so we all improved our pouring skills. We each bring our own personality to our latte art. My brother, William, is more serious and scientific. My sister, Jennifer, is a really easy going person. I'm a blend of both- I’m an art major, so I view coffee as an art. It can be very fun, but it also has a serious aspect to it. The more I learn about the science of coffee, the more my passion is developing into a craft.

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