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Your credit card has been compromised. One of your first thoughts is concern that cyber-criminals may have made their way into your account and were lurking, about to make additional purchases.

With cybertheft and security breaches on the rise, it’s important to review what organizations are doing right to protect customers. Other industries can take a page out of a financial services’ playbook not just on matters of security, but on customer service as well.

The bank…

  • uses pro-active threat analytics to identify abnormal usage patterns.
  • declines the questionable purchase attempts.
  • immediately tries to reach the customer through multiple communication methods.
  • asks you several qualifying questions to confirm my identity.
  • verified multiple recent purchases.
  • Deactivates the affected card.
  • provides options for reactivating said card.

 Lessons learned – Be proactive

  • Be a good partner
  • Adapt and adopt
  • Be proactive

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