Since I’ve been CMO of AT&T Business Solutions, I’ve met with hundreds of customers, from small businesses to global corporations.

These business leaders tell me how in today’s fast-paced environment, they face constant decisions, where making a choice means having to compromise.

How to be local and global? How to operate at high speed, but also execute with precision? How to be open to connect anywhere and remain secure?

Our customers are constantly adapting to move forward. To thrive, these businesses need to be more agile. And to continue to be their business partner, we needed to do the same.

So we took action. We’re simplifying our solutions so that we, too, can be more agile. We’re transforming ourselves to a software-defined network infrastructure. This lets us create and deploy integrated solutions faster. And we’re evolving how we do business in our own company and sharing what we learn with our customers to help them improve.

As a result, we’re helping our customers respond better to those daily decisions. We deliver solutions that empower them to be global & local, fast & precise, open & secure.

That’s the power of &.”

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