By Matt Lawson, AT&T Internal Commucations

Jordan Holley wants to make your job easier.

A former intern, Jordan is now a part of AT&T’s technology development program - on the front line of research in automation.  Based in Atlanta, she’s working on computer programs called “bots” which could eliminate some of the most tedious tasks, letting you tackle work that requires human judgment and interaction.

On the other side of the country, Alisha Seam puts on her virtual reality goggles and looks for a different way to change the world. Once a novelty for video gamers, Alisha believes virtual and augmented reality will be a game-changer for fields like education and health care. She is hard at work at the AT&T Foundry in Palo Alto where she sees a future rapidly approaching.

Two women – one mission: to help AT&T lead in innovation. But their contributions go far beyond the technology. Jordan and Alisha are also blazing new trails as females in a previously male-dominated field.

“It’s very good to break those barriers,” says Jordan.

In this video, learn more about two cutting edge technologies and the next generation of women innovators poised to bring new science to life.