By: Anne Wintroub

Nanodegrees, a new category of online degrees launched by AT&T and Udacity this fall, provide affordable and accessible training for jobs in the tech industry. As a company that relies on a highly skilled tech workforce, we believe that new educational pathways such as nanodegrees will help more people gain industry-relevant skills to fuel the 21st century workforce. This is also why, together with Udacity, we created the nanodegree scholarship program. Through AT&T Aspire, we are committed to helping students — regardless of age, gender, income or zip code — make their biggest dreams a reality.

Today we are joining Udacity to announce an expansion of our nanodegree scholarship program from 200 students to an additional 1,000 students. The students receiving the scholarships will represent diverse learning populations including underrepresented minorities in tech, women and veterans.

The demand for access to these new, industry-focused credentials has not relented since launch.  We’re eager to meet this need by increasing the number of scholarships, and helping more students – today – gain the skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow.

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