We heart our furry BFFs – and today is all about them. In honor of National Dog Day, make sure Fido knows just how much you love him (or her) by giving extra tummy scratches, treats and showing off their adorable pics on social media. Before sharing your favorite photo, check out these tips to help with capturing a priceless shot of your four-legged companion.

Sweet talk your pup before taking the photo. “Good dog.” Speak to your dog in a calm, relaxed tone to help make them feel more comfortable and appear au natural.


Utilize props. Dogs love their toys – and pulling in funny props can help make a picture uniquely hilarious.


Capture the moment. Sometimes posing isn’t necessary. Without startling your pups, find that candid moment to snap a priceless pic. Whether they are sleeping with all paws in the air or caught watching T.V., candid shots will show off your dog’s true personality.


Play dress-up. If your pup is comfortable enough in his/her own fur, try sporting an outfit! Remember, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to whip out an awesome costume. Disclaimer: Not all dogs will go for this. If you still want to play dress up with your four-legged friend, try the Dress Up My Pet app available on Google Play.


Zoom in for the close-up. Show off that adorable muzzle and those soulful brown eyes with a tight shot of your furry friend. For the best results, turn your flash off (to not blind your pup) and utilize a filter to highlight those whiskers.


Capitalize on their talents. As a proud parent, it’s only natural to want to show others how smart and perfect your pup can be. Capture a pic of Fido doing their best trick - like rolling over, playing dead or standing on their hind legs. Multiple frames of your pup in action are especially great.


Give your dog the power of speech. Talking dogs are hilarious – there’s no doubt about that. After your photo is captured, simply add copy overlay to the photo utilizing apps like Color Cap (available on iTunes) or Just Add Text (available on Google Play) . Turning the photo copy into a GIF can also help bring man’s best friend to life.


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