Although today is the last day of National Grandparents Week, which officially kicked off on Sunday, Sept. 7, it’s perfectly acceptable to show your grandparents love and admiration any (or every) day out of the year. The next time you see your grandparents, make a special effort to do something fun together - whether it’s golf, baking, painting or teaching them how to use a tablet or smartphone. If your grandparents (or parents) live far away, check out the below list of apps to connect you (or your children) with loved ones.

Keepy lets you share your children’s art with family and friends all over the world. Use the app to take snaps of your child’s masterpiece. Then upload them and invite others into your Keepy network. Friends and relatives can respond by posting a video of their reaction. The app is available on iOS, Android and Kindle.  

Kindoma is a great way to share story time with the grandparents. When it’s time for bed, the app allows the child to pick their favorite story from the virtual library for you to read. While the child can hear your voice, they can also see you through the video thumbnail in the corner of the screen. The app is available for download on iTunes.

Scoot and Doodle allows you to invite your contacts in a Google Hangout for video chat session of drawing, designing and collaboration. Here you can ask grandpa any tricky math question on your homework assignment or show off to grandma your 3D art skills. The app is available on Google Hangout and iTunes.     

Nowadays, Skype and Google Hangouts are a standard in keeping in touch with distant friends or relatives. Sometimes, simple apps are the way to go when enjoying that special time together with your grandparents.