By: Chris Penrose, Senior Vice President, IoT Solutions

Today, April 9, is IoT Day, an industry-wide initiative designed to spark more conversation, awareness and excitement around the Internet of Things (IoT).

At AT&T, IoT innovation is part of what we do every day. IoT is one of the fastest-growing technology trends, where all types of devices and machines are connected and “talking” to one another.

We pioneered mobile technology to change the way people live, work and play. In 2009, we were the first telecom company to establish an Emerging Device Organization, followed shortly thereafter by establishing our M2M Organization - which are now combined as our IoT Solutions team. We’ve also certified more than 2,200 types of connected devices.

Today, with our unique combination of emerging technology, digital platforms and network intelligence, we remain focused on connecting people, cities, devices, machines and businesses to the internet and to each other, all in an effort to make work and life easier and more meaningful.

AT&T is constantly striving to extend connectivity to all facets of your life, including the home. AT&T Digital Life is a leader in the connected home space and aims to help customers take control and define what security and convenience means to them. Watch our demo of AT&T Digital Life. 

Connected cars are also a big part of IoT. It goes beyond just managing and streaming music in your car or retrieving diagnostic information. Having your vehicle connected to the internet can help you navigate more efficiently, leading to reduced fuel consumption. A leader in the Connected Car arena, AT&T offers wireless connections to vehicles around the world. In 2015, we expect to connect nearly half of new U.S. passenger vehicles.

AT&T also offers the largest portfolio of wearables among U.S. carriers. We currently offer more than 30 wearable devices—and the number keeps growing.

AT&T is committed to helping businesses increase efficiency, save money and preserve natural resources. As a global leader in Industrial IoT (IIoT), we deliver solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to better manage their operations and keep track of valuable assets. For an example of what AT&T is currently doing in this space, check out this video.

This is just a small snapshot of the exciting work AT&T is doing in the IoT space.  To learn more about our IoT innovations, check out our 2014 Annual Report and be sure to follow the #IoT conversation on social media for new ideas in tech.

Happy IoT Day!

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