'Tis the season of giving surprises!

Nearly 200 AT&T employees, who are military reservists stationed around the world, were surprised with holiday gifts from their employer back home. The gift this year? A shiny new iPad mini.

Everyone wants to be surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones during the holiday season. Those stationed overseas don’t get to, and they’re the ones wanting it the most.

The unexpected gift, along with a letter from Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson, is a great way to remind our employees serving our country we care and we’re thinking about them. Especially during this time of year.

“As we enter the holiday season, I want to send my greetings – and personal thanks for all you do to serve our country. All of us at AT&T admire the difficult sacrifices you make, and we’re very proud to count you as a colleague,” Randall wrote in his letter to the reservists.

Even though they’re not stateside, they’re always on our minds.

For ideas on how your office can give back this holiday season, check out our list of "do good, feel good" tips.

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