Honoring AT&T’s 11th consecutive 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s annual Corporate Equality Index, Scott Sapperstein, Executive Director of Public Affairs at AT&T, expressed his gratitude for AT&T’s focus on equality and inclusion.

“As an openly gay executive director at AT&T, I experience AT&T’s commitment to equality and inclusion firsthand; my story as an employee is special because it is unremarkable,” said Sapperstein. “From the day I joined AT&T 13 years ago, AT&T fostered an environment where I feel comfortable to share who I am.”

Check out his full blog post surrounding his experience on the AT&T Citizenship and Sustainability blog, here and watch VP of LEAGUE at AT&T, Sheri Hattan, discuss her experience coming out and working openly gay at AT&T.

AT&T received the coveted award due to its ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“When you have a culture where everyone can bring their full selves to work each day, it’s amazing what happens,” said Debbie Storey, AT&T senior vice president of talent development and chief diversity officer. “At AT&T we’ve long known that inclusion drives innovation – and that a truly inclusive culture is defined by its action, policies, and accountability practices. HRC understands that too, which is why this recognition is so meaningful to us.”

Check out the official announcement on the Human Rights Campaign’s newsroom page, here.