By Kelly King, CEO of AT&T Mexico

There is no question connectivity has revolutionized the way we communicate, learn, shop, do business, and play; in essence, it has changed our world, while proving to be a powerful tool to accelerate emerging economies.

We can now be closer to people and places than ever before, even when we are thousands of miles apart. Things that used to require much time and effort can now be done in seconds. Help is only a phone call away. Safety and security have been strengthened with the implementation of smart solutions that offer first responders real-time data. World-changing businesses have sprung out of nowhere, while others have soared and transformed.

But connectivity is more than just having access to the internet. It means services that are fast, reliable and affordable.

Since our arrival to the country in 2015, at AT&T we’ve had a clear mission: to transform the telecommunications sector in the country by connecting people everywhere they live, work and play. This takes many forms, such as our 4G LTE network which now covers almost 100 million people; the launch of innovative and simple offers for our clients; and strategic investments that bring top-notch technology and create jobs in Mexico.

We never stop looking for new ways to transform lives through the power of connectivity. That is why I am proud to announce that we recently launched our Home Internet service in Mexico. When we designed it we took into account two main factors: simplicity and accessibility.

We wanted to make sure it was an easy-to-use product that consumers could simply buy, connect and enjoy. Accessibility to a product like this one is key in a market where close to 50% of homes lack access to Internet. This number is below the world average and far behind the accessibility in developed countries (80.4%)[1].

At AT&T we see a great opportunity to reduce this digital gap and connect homes across Mexico through our high-speed mobile network, with an easy DIY (do it yourself) installation process and at affordable prices.  

A connected home can transform lives through access to communication, education, digital services and entertainment, among many other possibilities. For countries everywhere, connectivity has been a fundamental tool in strengthening their growth and development.

As the second quarter of the year begins, I’m inspired to see how Mexico continues to transform. This is only the beginning!

Thank you for following along on this journey. As always, I look forward to your comments and insights.

[1]  ICT. Facts and Figures 2017.