One week in the U.S. helped 20 women change their outlook on the future with a program called Peace Through Business.

The training and mentorship program is for women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan and Rwanda. Every year, these women come to Dallas to learn how to grow their companies. 

They know that running a successful business is a challenge.  Overwhelming obstacles at home make this challenge even more difficult.  One student discussed the struggle with attending school as a female. The men in her family typically decide who goes to school and who doesn’t.

During their week in Dallas, mentors work with the women to boost their skills. They expand their knowledge of finances, business models and the many responsibilities that come with business ownership.  The American businesswomen take this opportunity to empower their foreign peers as entrepreneurs. 

For nearly 10 years, the program has educated and strengthened Afghan and Rwandan women. 

AT&T has supported the program since its start. Women make up 34% of AT&T’s workforce. We have well over 100 women in senior leadership roles. Continued inclusion and support of women is key not only to their success, but the success of the greater sum.

Check out the video to hear what they’ve taken from this program.