When you open the door to trick-or-treaters this Halloween, you’re also opening yourself to the risk of your dog running out the door – and lost. But fear not. Location tracking devices can find your phone, friends and even your beloved Fido.

Cellular GPS-enabled smart dog collars let dog owners locate their pups in near real time. They also help owners keep tabs on their dog’s health and wellness. Three pet tech companies – Link AKC, Nuzzle and Whistle – are using AT&T’s network to provide reliable coverage and connectivity for their smart dog collars.

We recently polled1 consumer on attitudes and opinions about smart pet technology. What we learned underscores the importance of location-tracking for dog owners, with growing interest in other pet wellness technology.

  • At least one in 10 (14%) people have lost their dog. And the majority (79%) of lost dogs were found within 5 miles of their home.
  • Tracking and location technology for dogs was rated most important (68%) to dog owners compared to technology that lets you monitor a dog’s health and fitness information.
  • About a quarter (23%) of dog owners would be willing to offer $500+ as a reward for finding their lost dog.

Learn more about connected dog collars in this video.

1AT&T and Added Value surveyed 1,566 mobile users, Aug. 2 – Sept. 1, 2017.