By Kelly King, Chief Executive Officer, AT&T, Mexico

It is that time of the year when we get together with our loved ones to enjoy each other’s company, share laughs and reflect on the passing of another year. For many of us, this is also a season of giving to lend a helping hand to those who face challenges.

Sharing the best of us is what the spirit of this season is all about. But even more, I believe that giving can be a way of life and every day is an opportunity for us to do so.

Generosity can take many forms: doing our best in our jobs, being kind to people, offering our help to those who may be struggling and finding ways to share with others. Big or small, each action makes an impact towards building a better future.

At AT&T, our passion is fueled by what connectivity can do for this country and this community. We want to inspire people, both inside and outside the company, to generate positive actions.

This year in particular, AT&T employees came together to help those affected by the earthquake in Mexico. With great admiration and pride, I heard stories from AT&T employees who spent days providing support, care and even a shoulder to cry on.

In this occasion, I want to specially recognize 6 members of the Network team that went above and beyond to keep Mexico connected during those difficult times. Their commitment and actions granted them the highest honor as AT&T employees: the Whitacre Award.

The award, named after our former CEO, Edward Earl Whitacre Jr., recognizes heroes in the organization who exceed their duties and made a significant impact during times of adversity. This year, the Whitacre Award celebrates its 10 year anniversary, and for the first time, it was granted to employees outside of the United States.

Omar Amaya, Armando Ríos, Gary Palacios, Jaime Rocha, Omar Flores and Benito Barragán were recognized among all AT&T employees worldwide for their unwavering dedication and admirable sense of responsibility during the Mexico City earthquake.

From the first moment after this natural disaster, they worked to ensure our network was up and running, so that AT&T users were able to stay connected to their loved ones and for first responders to organize rescue efforts.

The Network Operation Center (NOC) team led by Benito Barragán, ran an immediate diagnosis that was vital for the reestablishment of all the services. Omar Anaya was in charge of improving the performance of the network, while Jaime Rocha and Gary Palacios led the war room to direct the team´s recovery efforts. Armando Ríos´ team supported with personnel and the necessary network equipment for the recovery of the affected areas, while Omar Flores´ team supported the operation long distance from Monterrey. They worked day and night to ensure Mexico was connected.

This is the AT&T spirit at its core. When we think about being a successful company, we think about the ways in which we can serve our customers better, be a great place to work for our employees, be more valuable for our shareholders, but most importantly, help the community we serve.

That is why, on behalf of the men and women who work at AT&T, I want to take this moment to wish you all the best, and invite you to join to the power of giving.

Step by step, with everyone’s help, we can all do our part to make the world a better place.

Happy Holidays!