Mobile technology is constantly driving culture forward. The way we connect with each other, to information, and to the physical world around us is always changing. The Mobile Movement story began in March and has been a platform for engaging with our Millennial customers in new ways and documenting their lives. First came the Network Diaries, a short film series based on true stories about our AT&T Millennial customers, and now we present the Upwardly Mobile series.

Through Upwardly Mobile, we’re documenting the real stories of mobile innovation, how AT&T plays a role in powering this innovation and the powerful impact it is having on both present and future. The series highlights how AT&T’s mobile network is enabling innovation way beyond the use of our smartphones and features experts in the fields of connected cities, digital education and disaster recovery / global crisis. Stories range from how mobile technology impacts daily life to how it’s transforming education and changing the world for current generations and those to come.

Check out our first video on the Connected World featuring AT&T Drive Studio and Digital Life. Stay tuned for more!