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What’s our secret sauce for meeting the emerging technology needs for businesses? We call it “growth platforms.”  And with the help of a lot of folks across the business, we are creating it here at AT&T.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about it.

Our focus in growth platforms is on making new and innovative solutions possible for our customers.  Solutions that address many of the emerging challenges our customers face today. Like protecting their critical infrastructure and systems with cyber security solutions, optimizing their business processes through cloud solutions or gaining deeper, clearer insights into consumer behavior with platform APIs and big data.  These are the kind of solutions that drive meaningful bottom line results for our customers.

The solutions we are creating … and helping developers and customers create … draw upon our significant arsenal of platforms at AT&T.  These platforms include Cloud, Security, Platform APIs, Big Data and Analytics.   And the arsenal is growing. We have significant experience, strength and assets in each of these areas. And when we package them with our core networking and mobility capabilities, we create solutions that help customers address some of their most pressing business challenges.

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