Imagine being twenty miles into your road trip when all of the sudden you begin wondering, “Did I lock all of the doors?” “Did I close the windows?” “I hope I set the alarm.”

Road tripping can be such a blast, but the fun can easily dwindle if you’re worried about intruders, puppy whereabouts, unlocked windows/doors or unpredictable fires. These may sound like worries for the apprehensive type, but I’m sure you can imagine the tasks we forget when we’re excited to get on the road for a weekend getaway.

Of course, you could call a friend to check in on the house. Or, you can check in from your smartphone. With AT&T Digital Life you may be on the road, but remote access to your home is in the palm of your hand, helping calm your “What did I forget?!” anxiety.

There’s always the possibility that a distant cousin needs to crash at your place for the night. Don’t leave the key just sitting out for anyone to see. Unlock your door from virtually anywhere from the smart device you’re using.

Once you’ve gotten your home armed you can focus on the road ahead.

Of course, complications such as tire pressure, burnt out turn signals and traffic congestion always come up when you least expect them. With the Connected Car, diagnostic systems can help you predict future vehicle issues before they happen. And, you can check out the traffic down the road to plan another route. Detour here we come!

Don’t forget, you can use your smartphone to locate your car after a long day of exploring…we did say we could make your vacation easier, didn’t we?

With Connected Car, the Wi-Fi hotspot keeps you connected for the journey. Also keep that backseat driver entertained (and quiet) with Internet radio, video streaming and web browsing.

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Remember, rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of.