About one-fifth of all U.S. students fail to graduate from high school with their class.

Roadtrip Nation visited 25 high schools in six states this fall with events that bring the inspiration to stay in school. The tour was enabled by a $1 million gift from AT&T and the AT&T Foundation.



Roadtrip Nation tours the country in an iconic bright green RV with student-centered events that bring the real world into the classroom. Roadtrip Nation resources include video interviews with real-world leaders spanning every industry. That makes the learning process more tangible to students’ lives.

Here’s what TommyJoe Elder, a 10th grade student at White Plains Academy, an alternative school in Algood, TN, emailed following the Roadtrip Nation visit to his school in October:



A group of Roadtrip Nation students from Chicago visited the Clinton Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) in Chicago in June. Follow this video link for a look at their experience here.

To learn more, read the related Roadtrip Nation blog post or visit their website here.

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