Can music save lives? A popular YouTube star David Choi believes so. The singer songwriter is joining the It Can Wait® movement with AT&T* to stop people from texting while driving. Using his talents to promote the cause campaign, Choi is releasing a new music video today, inviting his fans to become advocates for safety.

The new original song titled “Chill Tonight” has been released on his wildly popular YouTube channel. The R&B song sings the beauty of daily routine between couples and inspires his fans to be responsible drivers and to enjoy everyday moments like this. Choi wrote and composed the song exclusively for the It Can Wait campaign to encourage his listeners to take a pledge to never text while driving again.

“I’m excited that my music can make a difference,” says Choi. “I’m frequently on the road across the U.S. and overseas for my gigs and recording sessions. When I’m in a rush, I’m tempted to multitask while driving. But I know it’s just not worth it. I hope this project challenges my fans and myself to be safer and more responsible on the road.”

His song will be available for a free download on his website for the first 30 days of the release. Go to to watch Choi’s music video, or to download his song.

Read more about David Choi and his support for It Can Wait in the news release.

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