Mobile County transports more than 26,000 students to and from its schools, using 730 buses that travel 42,000 miles each day across rural, urban and suburban communities. Officials wanted to know the location of each bus to enable them to inform parents and school principals of delays and to ensure the safe transport of students. Officials also needed a way to monitor the buses to verify that drivers completed their duties on time, at safe speeds and with the most efficient routes.

“We needed to add a true GPS tracking solution to the toolbox to make sure that our children are safe every day,” said Pat Mitchell, Transportation Coordinator, Mobile County Public School System.

Actsoft® from AT&T is a GPS-enabled mobile resource management solution that lets Mobile County enhance student safety by monitoring the speed and location of all its buses in real time. This mobile application makes it easier for school officials to see that drivers adhere to traffic laws and school policies. The solution helps direct drivers away from accidents to keep the buses on schedule. It also helps reduce costs by confirming that drivers have taken the most efficient routes.

Having the ability to locate every bus at any moment of the day provides peace of mind for school officials and parents. Read more about Actsoft in our Mobile Applications Case Study.

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