Tune in as we meet the people who are influencing our tomorrow. Those who are using technology and their own passions to “Shape What’s Next.”

Shaping What’s Next… Today

We begin by exploring “what’s next” from the people who are shaping our world. Our first stop is the AT&T SHAPE Tech & Entertainment Expo at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles. There we will see how technology and entertainment are converging in exciting new ways. We go behind the scenes to see what’s new and what’s next. How virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are shaping the way entertainment will come to you. We will also meet some of the visionaries, creators and technologists who will bring our entertainment to us.

Stay tuned as we meet some people who are shaping what’s next in sports entertainment, fashion and style, and virtual reality.


Let’s meet those who are shaping what’s next in sports entertainment, fashion and style, and virtual reality. How they’ve established themselves as experts in their respective fields and what lies ahead for them and us.

Sport What’s Next with Indi Cowie

Soccer-freestyler Indi Cowie shows us some of her latest trick shots, like a crazy mash-up shot of soccer and basketball that redefines “goal!” It’s just one of the awesome ways she promotes the sport and inspires young girls to shape their own futures.


Styling What’s Next with Lance Fresh

Street-style influencer Lance Fresh shows us how the right look means everything in today’s social-conscious world. He also will show us mobile technology and social media that helped him build his long list of followers. For him, “shaping what’s next” is a constant endeavor in the world of trends and styles.

Getting a Taste for the Virtual with Malia Probst

Meet Malia Probst from VR Scout in Los Angeles. She will show us what’s next in virtual reality. We’ll get up close with VR technology and the latest immersive experiences. Plus, learn how the next generation of mobile networks will give us so much more in VR.


A Recap of the #ShapeWhatsNext Adventures