Everyone needs clothing. But not every human body fits perfectly into those two categories called “menswear” and “womenswear” without risking fashion blunders such as gorilla-length arms, droopy pants, or folds of fabric billowing in the breeze.

Leon Wu invented Sharpe Suiting in 2013 to help alleviate that problem. It’s a gender-neutral luxury clothing label headquartered in L.A. that creates custom-tailored suits, dress shirts, dresses, and wedding dresses. The mission is to bridge the gap between menswear and womenswear, or as Wu says, to better match the identities of those who refer to themselves as “round pegs in the square holes.” In doing so, the company’s aim is to create confidence and inclusion within its clientele.

While thread holds the suits together, technology holds Sharpe Suiting together. “We are always looking at new technology, whatever is going to make us more efficient or increase our sales,” Wu said. “The whole team is very technically savvy. I feel like you have to be with a startup.”

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Sharpe Suiting was one of several winners in our Real Stories video contest. This video was created by Armani Smith, director of Live Art Love.