The support for Educade is part of AT&T Aspire, AT&T’s $350 million commitment to education. With more than 1 million students impacted since its launch in 2008, Aspire is one of the nation’s largest corporate commitments focused on helping more students graduate from high school ready for college and careers.

“Educade is a catalyst for radical change in the way we approach education,” said Beth Shiroishi, vice president of sustainability and philanthropy, AT&T.  “We want to help more students graduate high school ready for college and careers, and the Educade portal will support that goal by bringing together high quality entertainment with high quality education in a way that reaches students and has measurable impact on performance.”

Educade provides a one-stop shop for K-12 teachers and parents seeking to understand how to effectively use 21st century teaching tools, such as apps and games, as well as low and no tech tools that focus on hands-on making.

Learn more about GameDesk’s Educade in the news release.

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