Let’s get this out of the way: life isn’t fair.

The economic and justice systems that support our country’s infrastructure can be an impediment to realizing the American Dream. Affordable housing and quality education can be scarce. Neighborhood violence (depending on where you live) is a part of life for too many of us.

No one gets to choose where we are from, but all of us get to choose where we’re going. There are people who came before all of us—climbing up a steeper side of the mountain and carrying bigger loads. They had limited or no opportunities, but they made it. One of the reasons for their success was that they were resourceful.

As I travel with AT&T all across America seeking what #AgilityIs, I’ve met many aspiring and successful entrepreneurs. The most common characteristics that I’ve found is that these folks are resourceful. You’ve got to be. It’s mandatory, not optional.

In 1982, I lost everything; my job, my relationship, my home, and my freedom. In fact, I was imprisoned for 10 days for failure to pay parking tickets. But as I stared down adversity, I found that I could be resourceful and resilient.

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