What if your car knew about a traffic jam before it was too late?

We’re working on that with Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Ford and Nokia at first U.S. trials of C-V2X, at San Diego’s Autonomous Vehicle Proving grounds.

C-V2X stands for Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything communication.

C-V2X helps improve safety for those on the road. It does this by allowing vehicles, streetlights, pedestrians, bicyclists or wherever there’s a connection, to “talk” to each other.

In a nutshell, it extends a vehicle’s ability to “sense” and “see.”

Sensors and communication can help detect blind intersections, bad weather, sudden lane changes, reduced speed and hard braking by other vehicles – even when they’re beyond the line of sight.

We’re working to make your driving experience safer, more efficient and better for the environment with less everyday traffic hassles.

The San Diego trials focus on the potential of C-V2X technologies to improve auto safety, make traffic more efficient, and save automakers and road operators money.

And help put us on the road to automated driving.

We’re the exclusive provider of cellular connectivity with our 4G LTE network. We’ll also share data aggregation and analytics. Testing begins later this year. 

Next time you’re in a traffic jam, know that help is on the way.

Read more details on the C-V2X trial here.