All great ideas begin with an opportunity. This ‘big break’ could be an interview, audition or a moment to prove utter greatness by shining in the spotlight. One of the best ways to gain industry-specific applause is to debut a new idea - or device - at a conference like the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

CES draws thousands of techie influencers from around the world and is a great platform to showcase an idea for the very first time. In the spirit of Throwback Thursday and to recognize the 2014 CES conference, let’s take a brisk walk down memory lane to revisit when some modern essentials first made their ‘big break.’

Can you believe items like the HDTV and VCR once graced the showrooms at CES? At the time, these items were considered as glamorous as the trendy wearable tech from CES 2014. Now HDTVs and VCRs are being referred to as “vintage tech” as noted in this recent Mashable article.

With the growing popularity of smartphones equipped with convenient, built-in video cameras, it’s hard to think back to when parents’ hulled clunky camcorders, a hot item at CES in 1981, to capture those timeless family moments.

From playing records to downloading tunes, every music fan remembers when they used to have a glitzy CD player on display in their living room. Considered the most jammin’ tech at CES in 1981, CD players faded out when the way we store and listen to music changed.

Surprisingly, the tablet first made an appearance at CES in 2010. Today it’s hard to imagine life without this simple, light weight, user-friendly device.

For more “vintage tech” showcased at past CES conferences, read the complete Mashable article. Keep up with other tech conferences this year (like SXSW, March 7-16 and Mobile World Congress, February 24-27) by visiting the AT&T Newsroom.

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