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Think about the last time you downloaded a new app.  A few taps on the device and the app is ready to use. New functionality, instantly.

Now, imagine the ability to extend that simple process to things in the real world – a few taps to add functionality to things connected to the network. Like instantly adding more physical storage capacity to your U-verse DVR or adding AT&T Digital Life to your personal network.  Now scale that functionality from a single user to the scale of the entire network.  When you look at how businesses will be able to tap into more complex services at the click of a button, without having to change any hardware. It’s transformational.

Last week, we announced the User-Defined Network Cloud, our vision for network that taps the flexibility of cloud computing and applies those concepts to the network. Think of it as a model for “network-as-a-service.” Advancements in software will help make that happen. 

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