Evann Remington is the epitome of an entrepreneur, having started four companies—one when she was 18 years old. But it was the birth of her daughter that launched Remington into her latest business, Fresh n’ Local Foods.

Remington chose homegrown food that she processed herself to feed to her infant daughter. She came to the realization that regardless of socio-economic factors, many parents were “not doing the best job at feeding their kids real food.”

“For marketers, a kid’s food is something different. We’ve been duped into thinking kids should be eating something other than what adults eat.”

“I started to get really passionate about it. I researched baby food – the organic pureed baby food market – and launched the company in 2007 as Organic Fresh Fingers.”

In its earliest stages, the company produced a retail line of frozen, certified organic meals for toddlers. Eventually the products were offered in 200 outlets throughout 11 states.

In just a couple of years, as Remington’s daughter grew, she turned her attention to school lunches and, in 2009, essentially walked away from a quarter million dollar investment to focus on school lunches.

The seed for Fresh n’ Local Foods had germinated. To read the full story, and learn more about how Evann's business uses technology, check out our Business Circle page.