How do you stay up to date with your favorite businesses? Maybe it’s through social media or their corporate website. So long as you make it easy for them to get the information they need, customers will keep up with their favorite businesses on a regular basis.

A recent AT&T poll* shows which online tools small businesses use most to build customer relationships. To strengthen existing customer relationships and possibly create new relationships; here are three tips to try in the months ahead:

Refresh old strategies.

Try segmenting your email messages based on what you know about your subscribers. For example, you might notice that some customers tend to open emails about a certain product or service, and could target those subscribers with similar emails.

Explore mobile marketing.

Check how your website renders on different devices. If pages are slow to load or require a lot of scrolling to find information, consider a mobile website tool to build a mobile-friendly version of your current site.

Get strategic with social media.

Many small business owners use social media to maintain awareness and build relationships. No matter which social platforms you are on, reviewing how you use them might help you get more from your efforts.

For more tips to help build connections and customer loyalty, read the complete Network Exchange blog post.

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