Think of it as a holiday gift from them to you. Professional filmmakers who recently mentored young, aspiring directors in AT&T’s* “Take Your Shot” film competition are sharing techniques that take every day smartphone videos to the next level. The tools are already in your pocket:

Tip #1

Explore the manual settings on your camera phone checking out the exposure, color balance, and focus (Wong Fu Productions).  See their short film Luv[sic]

Tip #2

Control your motion. Use tripods, dollies, and other devices to guide your camera with intent (Freddie Wong).  See their short film Weight of Love

Tip #3

Record separate audio. Use directional microphones to record sound to your scenes (On set experts).  See their short film G&G Adventures

Visit the Take Your Shot website for additional information and behind the scenes clips and read more about these tips and get ready to shoot your best holiday video.

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