It’s that time of the year!  The holidays have arrived and like it or not, your egg nog, as always, will come with a side of family photos.  

This year we think it’s time to hang up those matching sweaters, look the camera in the lens and create a family photo that shows excitement and love, not embarrassment.

Let’s make some good memories this holiday season, shall we?  



Avoid matching outfits at all costs. As much as each family likes to think their outfit is actually stylish, Matching Christmas sweaters and outfits are a thing of the past. Period.



They are called UGLY sweater parties for a reason. It’s cute when you admit you look ridiculous.



Prepare the troops. Wrangling the family and kids for a staged photo can be a mess.  Has everyone eaten?  Is everyone awake and alert?  Is it nap time for the kids?  You don’t want any grumpy or tired babies on Santa’s lap.



Remember the Magic Hour. Natural light is always the best for photos. Try and hit the Magic or Golden Hour during the first and last hour of sunlight. 



Make them laugh! We’ve heard the photographers tell us – one, two, three, smile. Crack a joke, pinch someone in the side, do whatever you need to draw out a real smile. Bring up a memory that is sure to get them chuckling. A genuine smile and laugh is always better than a staged one.



Clear the Clutter. Think about you location and surroundings.  You want everyone staring at how cute you look, not the 5 nutcrackers, 2 wreaths, and assortment of bows and lights. You don’t want too many other things in the photos to take away focus on just how cute you look.



Play with angles.  Taking a photo straight on is easy and quite frankly can get a little boring. A different and unique angle can make ‘just another photo’, interesting and exciting.

Candid photos are the best.  Sure, you’ve got your hair done just right, and the scenery set, but nothing shows more life than a candid photo. Even if Uncle John is picking his nose, or your wacky Aunt Lisa is squeezing your cheeks again, have the camera ready. Nothing brings more life to a photo then genuine love and happiness. Keep your smartphone with you.  With all the great choices for cameras on smartphones, you are sure to snap a few goodies.

Happy Snapping!

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