Since its first deployment in 2010, Bay Area-based Streetline has strived to make smart cities a reality through the use of sensor-enabled mobile and web applications. Using mesh network technology and in-ground sensors, Streetline captures all parking events in any type of parking environment and uses the data to power a number of applications for motorists (Parker™), merchants (ParkerMap™), and city officials (ParkSight™). In fact, more than 45 cities and universities in North America and Europe use their technology today.

In order to consistently capture real-time data from parking spaces, connectivity is essential. The company has worked with us since its inception in their hardware devices. Streetline has 150 SIM cards from AT&T that are used in their gateways, (each gateway can monitor anywhere from 350-400 parking spots) which are the critical connection to the system’s backend.

Parker was also recently announced as one of the six applications available for AT&T’s industry-leading connected car platform, AT&T Drive, delivering speech-enabled applications so that drivers have access to the information they need while on the road.

To learn more about Streetline, visit their website.

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