Contributing to local causes around the holidays is a powerful way for businesses to reinforce community ties and strengthen goodwill. How can you involve your customers to amplify the impact of a good deed?

Offer discounts for contributions

While you and your employees might already make donations around the holidays, consider opening up the effort to your customers to create a sense of shared purpose. For instance, host a food drive and offer customers a discount for participating.

Spread the word

Small businesses can use their community stature to educate customers about the good work their favorite charities do. Use your social media channels to get people involved in supporting the cause with you by offering special discounts on social media.

Donate to organizations your customers support

Get to know your customers and work to contribute to a cause that resonates with them. Also, look to see if there is an opportunity for shared expertise. For instance, an accounting firm could offer to do a church’s tax return free of charge.

Take your employees’ lead

Matching your community-giving program with your employees’ interests can make your staff feel good, and it sends a message to your customers that your business is giving back as a team.

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