Being sustainable is important to most businesses and AT&T is no different.

The company has teamed up with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to voluntarily improve fuel-efficiency and curb emissions through the SmartWay Transport Partnership program.

“SmartWay is helping U.S. businesses slash fuel costs, saving $8.1 billion to date. As one of the largest telecommunications companies, we’re excited about AT&T’s participation  in the SmartWay Transport Partnership  program and hope it serves as an example for more within the industry,” said Christopher Grundler, EPA’s Director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality.

AT&T was recognized for its efforts to address the impact of its supply chain by becoming the largest wireless carrier to join the SmartWay Transport Partnership program in the shipping category. The program is a collaboration between the EPA and freight and transport divisions of companies representing the manufacturing, retail, freight, and logistics sectors to voluntarily improve fuel-efficiency and curb emissions.

This means AT&T will benchmark and measure progress in transport emissions management. This will help the company further integrate energy efficiency, air quality, and climate change initiatives into the transportation decision-making process.

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