Holiday season is officially here, and with it comes good times with family and friends, good football games and good food. However, the dinner table isn’t the only place where we see appetites increase during this time of year. Everywhere people go this weekend, we typically see a spike in data usage, from traveling at airports to Black Friday shopping or mobile device shopping on Cyber Monday—even at the big Thanksgiving Day football games. All of these activities have travelers, deal-seekers and football fans sharing their experience with their family and friends via our mobile network.

Last year on our in-venue Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks, we saw our customers use approximately 225% more mobile data than the average day at select malls. On Cyber Monday, we saw an astonishing 2.7K TB of data on the national mobile network overall, with peak data usage occurring from 12pm-6pm CT when people used 1.1k Terabytes of data.

We are expecting to see more of the same mobile data surge this holiday season. So stay tuned as we will soon show how people used our network to help them conquer wish lists at malls, share stats from the stadium stands, and helped data soar as they took off from airports for the holidays.