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Your tech-savvy child will love U-verse KIDS!, a new smartphone and tablet app from AT&T* U-verse® that displays kid-friendly TV channels and remote controls.

Children can tune the TV directly to programs displayed on the U-verse KIDS! app with easy-to-use remote control buttons. The buttons display TV programs currently airing. Kids can select a TV program and the TV will automatically tune to it. The app also lets kids pause, fast forward or rewind live TV. The app uses colorful icons and easy-to-use buttons. It even “reads” program names aloud using patented AT&T Natural Voices© text-to-speech technology.

Check out some of AT&T’s littlest scientists testing the app here.

U-verse KIDS! also lets parents set custom parental controls by TV or movie rating and even specify which channels are displayed. Once they are set, the app will only display content that meets the parental controls. If parental controls aren’t set, U-verse KIDS! only displays programming TV-14 and below.

Learn more about how U-verse KIDS! app was developed in our Innovation Space blog and the complete news release. Download the U-verse KIDS! App for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.