It’s not complicated. But sometimes it does help to get a fresh perspective. That’s why the AT&T Foundry® innovation center in Plano invited seven MBA students from the University of Oklahoma’s Price College of Business to spend some time this past semester learning about several projects we’re currently working on at the facility.

While I can’t talk specifically about the nature of those projects (the students even had to sign non-disclosure agreements), I can say that the projects revolved around innovative ways to add capability to our network and build tools to help our enterprise customers make their operations more efficient.

A few weeks ago, Jim Wheeler, Stanley White Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Price College, brought his Entrepreneurial Innovation students to the AT&T Foundry® in Plano to make final presentations around the projects. Some of my senior staff attended the presentations to hear what the students thought about how we might eventually sell and deploy these technologies.

As you can see, the insights were sharp and on-point. We will definitely be taking their suggestions to heart as these projects potentially go to market. We’ve also invited two of the students to intern with us at the AT&T Foundry® locations in Plano and Israel over the summer. And I’m sure they all have bright futures ahead of them. Congrats and good luck to Michael Hernandez, Bess Jackson, Greg Lankston, Zach Mauch, Hailey Sedwick, David Spielman and Joshua Woodbridge.

At the AT&T Foundry®, collaboration is one of the most critical elements of what we do to bring new applications and services to market faster than previously possible. And the presentations from the OU students are just the latest proof that we’re working hard to find the best ideas and collaborators, no matter where they are.

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