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Valentine’s Day. You can’t escape it. Whether it’s the day you celebrate the love of your life – or the day you’re reminded just how single you are – it’s time to make a plan.

Grab a date.

You could plan for a little living room romantic dancing with your significant other. Grab a set of JBL Micro Wireless Speakers to set the mood.



Or round up some girlfriends and go dancing.

Or, grab a different kind of cuddle buddy. Download the Petfinder mobile app to find a furry friend who needs a home – and a little TLC.

If all else fails, throw caution to the wind and go on a blind date. Sign up for Zoosk or How About We to find some potential love connections or just have a little fun.

Pick a location.

If you weren’t making prix fixe reservations before the New Year – have no fear. The OpenTable app may help you find available spots at your favorite restaurants up to the last minute.   Just put in your location, select the time and the amount of people - and voila, immediate date location.

Or, if you’d like to pass on the food and get your groove on, pick up an Ion House Party Bluetooth Karaoke machine and practice your best rendition of “I Will Survive.”  If you have U-verse, follow along to the U-verse Karaoke TV App at home.

Food and dancing not your thing?  Plan a romantic getaway for the two of you – or jet set alone. Download Skyscanner to find the first flight out.

And finally, make sure you set the mood.

Roses are red; violets are blue. Let the Love Poem Generator app help you write something new.

Or just settle in with a movie perfect for the holiday.

The Notebook. Enough said. (Search for  your favorite on U-verse On Demand).

Whatever you do, remember that this Valentine’s Day is about appreciating someone you love — whether it’s someone old, someone new, or simply yourself.