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You know what they say: Everything is Bigger in Texas. For this year’s Final Four in North Texas, it’s no different. We’re excited to welcome the best of the best in NCAA® basketball to our hometown.

As part of our welcome, we’ve blanketed the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with tons of cools activations and installations, including:

  • Larger-than-life advertising at both major airports
  • Buses and trains with sponsorship wraps
  • Our interactive storefront display at 1902 Commerce St. (two blocks from AT&T’s headquarters) will feature a video of a basketball player who dribbles alongside you and reacts to your movements
  • We’ll have a “3-D Spectacular” wallscape display at a parking lot at 505 N. Akard featuring a player hanging on a rim after dunking a ball; below it, a giant basketball will sit atop a smashed car in the parking lot (check out the video above for an inside look at the installation).

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