The regular season has wrapped and the college championship playoffs are just weeks away. With another much-anticipated championship game in sight, 4 deserving teams are preparing to prove they have what it takes to be national champions.  

College football fans faced blazing heats and frigid rain to support their favorite teams this season—sharing the most exciting moments with friends and family. Like many teams, fans have set their own records, including the amount of data used on game day at stadiums across the country. Check out the top 10 data-heavy venues and trends from this year’s college football action.

See if your team made the cut!

Top 10 College Venues of the 2016 Season by Average Mobile Data Usage per Game

  • College Station, TX—2364 GB
  • Clemson, SC—2067 GB
  • Morgantown, WV—2049 GB
  • Miami, FL—1930 GB
  • Baton Rouge, LA—1815 GB
  • Columbus, OH—1764 GB
  • Tuscaloosa, AL—1550 GB
  • Norman, OK—1514 GB
  • Oxford, MS—1468 GB
  • Pasadena, CA—1318 GB

College Football Final Scoreboard—Fast Facts

  • There were 377 college football regular season games played across more than 70 different venues where we provide in-venue coverage via Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).*
  • In total, our customers used a total of more than 307 terabytes of mobile data on our in-venue cellular networks during 2016 season – an 84% increase from 2015 season.**
  • The top 10 data-heavy college venues in our end-of-year rankings are home to many successful teams.
    • 6 of the top 10 data-heavy college venues host a team ranked in the final top 25 of the regular season, including the top-ranked team in the country.
  • The college football game with the most mobile usage, took place on Nov. 26 in Columbus, Ohio. The crowd had its selfie game rolling when they took on a top ranked, conference rival. Fans used more than 3.7 TB of data. That’s equal to more than 10M stadium selfies. That’s a lot of snaps!
  • If regular season mobile data usage determined the outcome of the college football championship, it would pit the orange and purple against the crimson and white. By data usage alone, the team from Clemson, South Carolina would celebrate as champions on Jan. 9.


*All data metrics come from only venues with a DAS where AT&T’s mobile network is on-air. These metrics are not comprehensive of every game played during this season for college or pro football

**All figures include only data traffic from AT&T customers on AT&T’s venue-specific mobile network