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The polar vortex has returned with a vengeance, sweeping half the country with bitterly cold temperatures, snow and ice. Despite Mother Nature, life keeps moving and staying under a blanket until spring is not an option. So before you bundle up to brave the outdoors, take a look at a few of our winter protection accessory essentials. CNN pulled together a great list of ways to protect your device in the cold winter temperatures.


The AT&T team has also compiled a list of a few apps to help you get through winter.

Winter Survival Kit

The winter survival kit app for Android devices can help you out in some seriously stressful situations.. According to their description the Winter Survival Kit app can find your current location, call 911, notify selected emergency contacts, and store insurance and roadside assistance information. Again, according to their description, the app can also calculate how long you can run your engine to keep warm and stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Winter Wake Up

As adults, snow doesn’t always mean ‘no school,’ and the Winter Wake Up app helps keep your day to day on track during inclement weather. Winter Wake-up for iPhone and Android is a free alarm clock app that can wake you up based on local weather. Need 5 minutes extra if frost is projected or 20 if you’ll have to clean snow off of your car? No problem, the app adjusts wake up time based on local forecasts. 

Powder Alert

Powder Alert for iPhone is for those who crave the “fresh pow.” The app allows users to set up their favorite ski reports and corresponding wake up times. If snow hits, the sleeping snow bunny will be woken up bright and early to beat the crowds.


Your mother would scold you for leaving the house without a jacket in this weather, and with Swackett you have no excuse. Swackett’s user friend weather reports break town temperatures and display what you should be wearing or doing in the weather outside. “If it happens to be cold outside, Swackett peeps appear dressed in winter hats, coats and boots. A hot, sunny day? Swackett peeps appear wearing shorts and sunglasses — and they even remember to bring along drinking water and sunblock. Rain? Swackett peeps appear with rain jackets and an umbrella.”

FirePlace Live

The weather outside may frightful, but fireplace live wallpaper would be so delightful. Keep your mind and soul warm with the live, visually red hot wallpaper for android devices.