Picture yourself running a marathon. Knowing there’s a voice cheering for you at the finish line is motivating. But hearing dozens of voices cheering along the way is what helps you push through the hardest miles.

That’s what our women leaders do at AT&T. They’re there – at all levels – across the business, championing diversity and inclusion in our company. They’re support systems, mentors and motivators who help other women across the finish line in their careers.

Women of Color (WOC) STEM recognized 15 of these outstanding women at their conference in Detroit on Oct. 5-7. They honored them for breaking boundaries with their accomplishments, leadership and confidence. 

We are proud to announce the winners from AT&T:

  • Career Achievement, Linda Molo, AVP-Network Services
  • Special Recognition, Melissa Bolden, AVP-Project Program Management
  • Technology All Stars,
    • Monique John, lead product marketing manager
    • L. Michelle Smith, director-Public Relations
    • Ying Cao, principal system engineer
    • Martha Schulze, AVP-HR Technology
    • Exa Whiteman, AVP-Technology Security
    • Lai Lau, principal system architect
    • Elizabeth Kies, senior tech project mgmt
    • Smita Israni, associate director-Technology
    • Cassandra Borders, area manager-Network Services
    • La Shawn Johnson, area manager-Network Process & Quality
  • Technology Rising Stars,
    • Sabrina McKnight, director-Advanced Analytics
    • Dongyu Lin, principal inventive scientist
    • Candace Weber, lead product marketing manager

“We are all proud to see these amazing women recognized for their professional and personal achievements – and that AT&T’s inclusive culture provided a workplace where they could excel,” said Eric Mitchell, AVP-Diversity & Inclusion. He was one of 18 AT&T employees who attended the conference.

We are honored that WOC STEM chose to recognize so many of our women leaders excelling in STEM.