Today during Chicagoland’s Annual Meeting at Navy Pier, we’re showcasing a unique technology prototype called SmartMic, expanding what’s possible from a device you probably already carry.  

Through SmartMic, users can use their smartphone as a wireless microphone and polling response system. Think of conference attendees in an auditorium. Someone with a question for the speaker could use SmartMic, connect to the speakers on stage, and be heard by the whole room. SmartMic replaces a wireless microphone, transmitter and hardware – and adds interactivity through instant polling.

SmartMic was born out of what we believe is the largest collaboration tool in the world – The Innovation Pipeline – a dynamic online crowd-sourcing platform that brings together the creative talent of AT&T employees to drive new products and services.

SmartMic will act as just one feature in a conference planning app currently in development at AT&T where users can access agendas, live polling and facility information. Utilizing WebRTC technology, a conference attendee raises their hand via an app, the presenter is notified on a website, and when the presenter taps on the attendee’s name, the selected attendee’s smartphone immediately vibrates and switches to a screen indicating they’re live. As the attendee speaks, their audio comes out on the laptop which is hooked up to the audio system in the room (as it would be to play a video). And just like that, the attendee has the equivalent of a personal, wireless microphone.

To learn more about SmartMic, check out our Innovation Space Blog.