What’s Your Reason?

Even though the statistics show how dangerous it is, people still text and drive.  This summer, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile US, Inc. and more than 200 other organizations  joined the It Can Wait®  movement to stop the problem of texting and driving.

In addition to companies joining the cause, celebrities have gotten onboard.

Zach Johnson is just the latest athlete to take the pledge to never text and drive.   In a new commercial, Zach gives the reasons he took the pledge, including playing golf until he’s in his 60’s and playing the game with his kids.  Two of his children also appear in the spot with Zach, playing golf.

Zach says there are many reasons why he took the pledge, but his family was the biggest.

Visit ‪http://www.itcanwait.com to take the pledge, and learn more about the dangers of texting while driving at ‪http://www.att.com/itcanwait.

You can also find 100 reasons to not text and drive on AT&T’s Twitter and Instagram channels (and with the hashtag #itcanwait) all summer.

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